A Journey with Sound: My Story

Empty beach with dog and rainbow

Just over a year ago I was researching sound healing practitioners for a Meetup event, now I’m making preparations to commence my own sound baths…

I’m not sure how it started, but I suddenly felt an inner calling for sound. I’d love to say that I excelled at music during school but sadly, that wasn’t the case – aside from a passion for singing. Looking back, I remember my best friend (now a music teacher) had the most unusual collection of worldly instruments. Every time I went to her house I admired (and sometimes laughed) at the growing collection, I also took a genuine interest into their names and origins.

Further to this somehow I began accumulating my own set of instruments without even realising. My first was a large ‘rain stick’ with colourful carved detailing. I picked this up at a pop up event along the Thames around three years ago. It was stored behind a sofa in my flat for some time rather unloved and unused. Approximately one year on I found myself at a local craft market in Cape Town haggling for another beautifully carved, smaller rain stick. I also brought home a ‘thumb piano’ crafted from a coconut and a rather noisy rattling giraffe creation. To this day I’m not sure why I bought them, I was just so drawn to each one, and fascinated by the time and energy lovingly spent on each piece.

Now, everywhere I go instruments seem to follow. From singing bowls on an overnight trip to Cambridge, to a striking Vietnamese gong spotted in an antique shop in Norfolk. The universe seems to be sending me a clear message: sound healing is the way forward.

For my Sound Healing Diploma I went away to a quaint village in Somerset. It was a lovely place where I could completely let go of ‘London life’. It was important for me to go away to study, I had been going through a difficult time and this was a major step forward. It was the first trip I had taken alone in a long time. My sound healing course represented a new me, a more independent me. One that pushes herself to try new things, to travel to new places and to follow a path that truly leads to happiness.

I was fairly nervous about doing the course, due to being a slow learner. I only hoped that I would actually be able to play the instruments. Thankfully there was an instant bond and a level of intuitiveness with everything that I picked up. I loved them all, and couldn’t wait to attempt my first sound bath. I finished the sound bath with great feedback, a big smile and a sense of achievement. I actually did it.

My favourite memory from this trip was on the morning of the last day. I said goodbye to the meerkats at the nearby farm and went in search of the beach, appreciating all the little houses and their gardens with chickens along the way. I walked down the steps and stood alone on the desolate beach. It was in the depth of winter, so I stood there wrapped up in layers and snow boots, admiring a man and his dog. As I looked up to the sky, I was mesmerised by a beautiful rainbow, I couldn’t quite believe it. It felt like a pivotal moment in the new chapter of my life. I was immensely grateful and proud of myself for what I had achieved, all by myself. The rainbow told me that everything was going to be ok when I returned to London.

My teacher had so many instruments, I remember thinking how lucky she was. Any time she wanted she could just pop next door and play to her heart’s content. I on the other hand considered myself very lucky to be travelling home with some new additions to my collection, to help me get started on my case studies. Two singing bowls, a Tibetan bell and a Nepalise drum – I have no idea how I managed to carry it all home alongside my suitcase and bags!

Having just returned from a long drive to Reading to collect three crystal bowls, I feel extremely lucky to now be following an inner calling, turning dreams into reality. I have received some wonderful testimonials on this new journey, I cannot wait to really explore the benefits of sound healing treatments and to begin running my own Gong and Sound Baths.

If you are curious about Sound Therapy and would like to know how it could help you, keep a lookout for stories from Andrea, Naomi and James, my case studies, who each received four weekly treatments documenting some fantastic experiences with pain reduction, improved sleep, concentration and relaxation.


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