Lovefit Festival

July 2017 saw the arrival of the UK’s premier food, fitness and music festival. I was privileged to offer two of my unique self-development workshops within the beautiful forest at St Clere’s Estate in Kent.

Fitness enthusiasts powered through the mud to enjoy a range of classes provided by top teachers and well known brands across the industry; from Yoga and SUP to HIIT and Spin, even Mr Motivator made an appearance.

On Saturday morning among the tall trees I offered Meditation and Drumming to the early risers which was an absolute dream in such a beautiful location. On Sunday afternoon I introduced sound baths to a whole new audience, just when everyone needed a spot of total relaxation after a weekend of high intensity workshops.

Lovefit 2017 was a brilliant success, I would highly recommend giving this festival a try next year when it is expected to become even bigger and better. Check out a summary of pictures below, visit my Facebook page for more pictures.

A Journey with Sound: Andrea’s Story

Tuning fork sound healing treatment with Andrea

How I discovered Sound Therapy

I’ve known Kalie for a number of years, and she is rather well versed on my chronic health conditions, which over the last four years have reached an entire new level in both impact on my life and the level of pain associated with them.

I suffer with deep infiltrating endometriosis, for which I have had eight surgeries. This disease unfortunately, is incurable. Also, I suffer with degeneration of the lower discs in my spin, which have prolapsed and degenerated past the point of reversal. Both have chronic pain associated with them. In the last four years, I have had to change my career and my entire approach to my life. Part of this approach is looking into alternative therapies to aid in my rehabilitation; to both my physical and emotional wellbeing.

Kalie approached me when she was beginning her training for sound healing, as she thought that I could really feel the benefits of it. I was indeed very eager to try something away from medication. Previously I have had reiki sessions with Kalie, which was a very profound experience. I was able to reach an entire different state of meditation and felt a great sense of calm. Visually it was an amazing experience, seeing different shapes and images of energy. All realigning in my body. Because of the success I had had with Kalie in the past, it was an easy decision to make to embark on Sound Healing.

I have also had many sessions of acupuncture, to aid in the pain reduction of my back. The effects of this however, had not been long lasting and not always successful. So I wanted something where the effects were greater and longer lasting.

Going into my first session, we decided on key areas to focus on which was threefold; pain reduction (mainly in my abdomen and back), improvement in my sleep (which was very sporadic) and to help clear my mind from my stresses and worries. Having these goals allowed us to tailor the treatment to what I was personally looking for.

My first session

I went into the first session with a complete open mind, open to all possibilities, I didn’t know what to expect at all. From the very first strike of the Tingsha (two small cymbals joined together), I was able to feel the vibrations and allowed them to flow through my body. I had a great sense of the sound vibrations travelling through parts of my body seamlessly. However, at points the flow was disrupted by the “blockages” in certain places. The first being my abdomen. I felt a distinctive push as the vibrations had to work to clear the blockage. This flow happened with the push three times, by the fourth, the flow was seamless. I knew then that this had the potential to work wonders!

I chose the tuning forks for my first session. I loved that I was completely immersed in the sound as they are held to your ears. I was able to go to such a deep level of meditation that I had never experienced before. It was incredibly intense. I was able to see the energy in this first session as a clear mist, entering my body and filling me with energy.

As the session wore on, I had a feeling of an internal set of eyelids closing. This was a great significance that showed that I had reached a much deeper sense of meditation and clearness of mind.

Every sound healing session left me feeling more at ease with myself. Much more aligned and in tune with myself. And with this came a greater sense of self-acceptance of who I am. This was a great turning point for me, being one who has always tried to change who she was for others. This was a very new feeling indeed.

As the sessions continued, and my mind was becoming clearer, this allowed for other things to enter. I used to be a writer and spend time being creative. However, with the concerns about ill health and other worries, this left little space or indeed time to focus on this. Since the beginning of the sessions I have been able to spend more time on me. Writing. I bought a new journal to symbolise the beginning of the new journey of me. And I have been writing in it ever since. It has been most refreshing.

My favourite instruments/sessions

I have a kindred sense towards the tuning forks as they were the first instruments that I tried and the one that showed me the way. I felt drawn to them in my first session, and have used them again since, each experience is uniquely different, which brings different results. But it is one I am always drawn to.

The drum, used on session three; was a very powerful instrument. The vibrations are stronger, and impact in a more powerful way. I would not choose this for the first session you experience, I think it is something to work up to, however, the results you get from this can be very strong indeed. Visually, this was a cleansing sessions. Seeing the clear blue sky and soaring above the clouds, also in a clear blue lagoon surrounded by beauty.

With the change to the second drum, visually everything became orange, warming and healing. Seeing the energy as a big orange glow, and I was drawing energy from this, rejuvenating myself. With the drums I experienced flashes of the situations during the week which had caused me stress and I could see them all melt away. This was symbolic of my mind clearing the away too. By session three, I was going under much quicker and reaching a stage of inner calm much easier than the previous two. This allowed for the healing to happen over a longer period of time.

What I have achieved through Sound Healing

My progress has been vast, in numerous areas. The biggest progress I have made has been with the reduction of my medication. I take numerous pills each day to manage my health conditions and I desperately wanted to reduce them down. As the sessions were making me more relaxed and my pain was lessened, I wanted to try to see if I could reduce anything. After the first session I reduced my OxyContin, by 10mg twice a day, then the third week, I dropped it by another 10mg. By the end of the sessions I had dropped my OxyContin down by a total of 60mg in one day. Which is a huge reduction of such medication. And I have been able to keep it that way ever since.

The effects of these sessions are long lasting and life changing. My sleep by the end of the treatment was improved. I had been able to get myself into a routine that was working, and since then I have been able to improve on this further. I am now happily sleeping for eight hours each night. I haven’t been able to do this since I was a child, it’s fantastic! The extra sleep itself is improving my motivation, my energy and focus and is improving my health.

Recommending Sound Therapy

This treatment is so versatile and able to help in vast areas of your life. There were weeks when I just needed to relax and recharge and I was able to obtain that, other weeks we would focus on certain ailments to aid healing in those areas. So it has shown me how this kind of treatment can be used for a general relaxation, or more specific use. It has been one of the best things I’ve done in my life, for my physical and emotional wellbeing. I was looking for something with longer lasting effects, and this is definitely it. As each session progresses the effects of it, last longer and longer.

Without this treatment I could not have reached the level of self-acceptance that I now have and I certainly would not have being in a place where my pain had been lessened enough to reduce my medication.

This truly has been a life changing process and I cannot express enough just how thankful for it I am.   Andrea



Animal Reiki for Billy and Daisy

Animal reiki healing with Billy

I recently had one of the most magical experiences I have had with an animal, two animals in this case. 

I was away in Norfolk staying with a friend, hoping to catch the last of the bank holiday sunshine. I managed to catch a few rays on day one, before the heavy rain kicked in. On the second night we were treated to a storm, quite an impressive one actually although not so much for animals. If you own a dog you’ll know they either sleep or cry through a heavy storm. Daisy was the latter. I doubt I can convey how special this experience was through words but I will give it a try.

I had only met Billy and Daisy once before and unusually for me, there wasn’t an instant bond. I love animals, especially dogs, but these two have a very independent streak, no cuddles. They also have a very unique walk, due to a rare condition, so it came as quite a shock when Daisy came up to me, mid-storm, and gave me the puppy dog eyes. From nowhere she appeared in front of me by the sofa and stared insistently, almost begging to be lifted up onto my lap. It threw me for a minute so I asked my partner to lift her up and put her between us. It was very clear that she was distressed but it was more than that, I could feel her asking to be with me, asking for healing.

She was shaking like a leaf, I’ve never seen a dog so scared. In the end I realised I had to put my hands on her. Within five minutes of receiving healing there was a noticeable change. The shaking slowed down almost immediately and within fifteen minutes she was in a deep sleep, so much so that she was no longer phased by the roaring thunderstorm outside. It was beautiful, and didn’t go unnoticed by the others in the room, including her owner Carol who couldn’t believe what she saw. Daisy laid there for the rest of the evening blissfully relaxed until she went to bed, she had an air of calmness that stayed with her until the following day.

And then it was Billy’s turn. I’m not sure why but I was drawn to Billy whilst he lay quietly in his bed. Due to his condition I had noticed his ability to walk was suffering and I wanted to see if I could help him in some way. I’m not under the impression that his condition could be cured with a couple of Reiki sessions, but I felt that he needed healing for himself, to aid relaxation and to ease the pressure he puts on himself from frequent falls. So I put my hands on his back legs – where the problem persists – and let the energy flow.

Once again it was magical. I instantly felt a connection with Billy that was missing when we had first met. He took to the reiki so well, just like Daisy. He didn’t attempt to get up and move at all as some dogs do. Whilst he soaked up the healing energy I thought it was the perfect time to practice some animal communication. I wanted to see what he was feeling and talk to him. It can be so hard watching him struggle, steadying himself after a fall, but at least I could get him to relax and let go of his anxiety for a while.

As the heat from my hands increased, I began sending out thoughts to Billy to talk to me, which isn’t the easiest task when an animal is face to face, usually this kind of communication works best via distance, with the absence of emotion. But he did talk to me. More so, he gave me a message. I felt that what he was trying to tell me was that he felt stupid. My heart instantly melted as tears streamed down my face. I started to wonder what everyone around me would be thinking. But it was so emotional and overwhelming, I just had to continue.

My hands moved towards his front, I placed one on his head and held his paw with the other. I told him that he wasn’t stupid and that he was very loved. He looked up at me in the most endearing way, attempting to move his head but was so relaxed that he just flopped back down again

I can’t communicate how special this was, it really was one of those ‘you have to be there moments’. I started the session with the intention of helping Billy to relax and not overthink the walking, however, I ended the session just sending him love, and trying to make him feel less silly. When I finally opened my eyes I realised that the level of emotion involved with the treatment was clear, once again I had managed to shock those around me. Unsurprisingly Billy dog remained in his bed for quite some time – I did worry that he’d be so sleepy he would miss out on the nice beach walk ahead!

Working with animals is fascinating, the way they don’t question what you are doing, they just trust and receive the healing. The thing that intrigues me most about this story is how Daisy knew to come to me during the thunderstorm when she could have gone to her owners. It’s no secret that animals are more intelligent than humans, but this is the icing on the cake!

I will leave you with a few words from Carol:

“Billy has always been a skittish dog but after five minutes with Kalie he relaxed completely and remained calm for most of the day.  It was amazing to watch.”

Symbolic Whispers – learning to develop your psychic ability

Meditation on the beach and psychic development

Many people ask me, were you born psychic or did you have to learn? I think the answer is a mixture of the two.

Having seen the ghost of my granddad very early on in life (see blog post) I feel I was born with some kind of – I hesitate to say gift – natural ability. But just like any other skill, you have to learn your trade.

If you wanted to become a professional tennis player you would find yourself a tennis coach and practice as much as possible, and it’s the same if you want to become a medium, you will need to attend workshops and put in lots of practice. For most of us mediumship is a test of discipline and determination, you must stay committed to your goal no matter how many times you fail. And you will fail!

It can take years to finally call yourself a medium, once you’ve learnt to trust in the spirit world and have confidence in the information you’re given. The difficulty is receiving the information in the first place, whether you see, hear or sense, knowing what you are picking up is half of the battle.

I explain to new clients that doing a reading can be like speaking on the telephone with a very poor signal, with sections of the conversation dropping in and out it can require a lot of patience to make out what the other person is saying. Unfortunately we do not have a direct dial to the spirit world, as much as we would like one! Instead we learn to communicate with symbols through a connection in our mind. You may have heard people talking about opening up the third eye, something we learn to perfect through meditation.

The journey begins by joining a psychic development group, often at your local spiritualist church. Here we learn things like opening and closing down our chakras, the difference between psychic readings and mediumship. We learn to do readings in many different ways such as using guidance cards, pictures, even crystals as a tool, working in pairs or small groups for all sorts of creative activities.

Initially you probably won’t pick up anything, many of us spend weeks, months or even years feeling frustrated with our lack of progress, but in the end it comes. Sometimes you have a massive break-through; sometimes it’s a gradual build-up. Fragmented pieces of information become structured descriptions of friends and relatives, starting with a sense of a male or female then moving on to how this person looks or feels to you. What kind of personality they had, how old they were when they passed. Of course we can’t always provide exact names and ages, but we do our best to pass on what we are shown.

And that is part of the problem, we aren’t always given specific information that the recipient wishes to receive. Our spirit relatives have no concept of time, and often they just don’t want to focus on how they passed; it’s more important for them to portray happiness not sadness. They usually come through with what we call a memory link: something that no one else would know, a memory that confirms it’s really them. The information never makes sense to me, but when I say it out loud it could be the one thing the person in front of me needed to hear.

I’ve had some amazing memory links during my time as a medium, both in training, during a reading with a client and at demonstrations of mediumship. One thing that really sticks out in my mind was when an old school friend contacted me after the loss of her father, seeking advice on whether to attend an evening of clairvoyance. As we were chatting online I started to get a sense of her father being around, I had met him a few times many years ago but didn’t know anything about him. I’m not usually tuned in until I sit down to do a reading, but intense emotional loss can often trigger a connection.

I remember leaving the computer briefly and as I left the room I had the image of a garden rake in my head – very random as you can imagine. At first this didn’t make any sense to me, like most symbols don’t, but then I understood the image represented someone attempting to clear up leaves, as if they were trying but not having much luck. There was humour attached to this picture, but I didn’t understand what it meant. I realised that I needed to relay it to my friend in case she could make sense of it, though it always makes me a little nervous to come out with something so unexpected. Thankfully when I explained what I had received it made perfect sense to her and it was definitely intended to uplift the family with laughter.

I truly believe that mediumship is a gift, one that we all have but choose to develop. I have shared some beautiful moments and received some fantastic evidence from spirit, on both sides of the table. It can bring huge comfort to those suffering loss, making the process of grief that little bit easier. As a medium we never stop growing, we learn from each other and we learn from spirit and if we ever get over confident they are sure to put us back in our place! It all starts with a sixth sense, a curiosity for the unknown and a strong desire to help others.

A Journey with Sound: James’ Story

Man relaxing in a park

About six months ago I was feeling very sluggish in life, lacking the energy I used to have. As well as this I was getting stressed and usually over the smallest of things that really didn’t matter. But what was causing me the most frustration was that I had a lot of things I wanted to get on and do but didn’t know where to start.

I’ve meditated in the past but it tended to be when I was in a state of relaxation anyway and found it very difficult to do when stressed. I had also tried spiritual healing which was fantastic but this time there wasn’t one particular issue that was the obvious cause, rather just a lot of little things so I didn’t see the point of trying to be ‘healed’ if I didn’t have something that needed healing.

When Kalie told me about her Sound Healing I wasn’t really sure what it could do for me but it sounded interesting and something different so I wanted to give it a try.

Before the first session started I had to write down what I wanted to get from it and all I could think of was to relax mainly and re-energise if possible. As she started banging the drums I lay there continuing to think and trying to get my brain to stop. Eventually the sound from the drums drowned out my thoughts, and with it I started to relax and feel the vibrations rather than just hear the sound. The vibrations started to get stronger and felt like a soft tingling throughout my body almost like a gentle massage.

I left the first session feeling more relaxed than I had done in a long time and actually realised how long it had been since I felt relaxed and calm. The drums had helped to quieten my mind and for the next week I was able to start listening to meditation music and continue to relax, something that I hadn’t done in quite a while.

Through the next five sessions Kalie used different types of instruments for healing, all of which helped me to relax and with that feel more and more energised, culminating in the final session being a mix of all different instruments.

For me the drums were my preferred sound as they were able to quieten my mind, which was the biggest issue I had in order to relax, plus the vibrations from them both during and after resonated throughout my body increasing the feeling of relaxation like a gentle massage.

Afterwards, in my relaxed state, I was able to see the cause of my stress and sluggishness was because of so many little things that on their own really didn’t have a detrimental effect but combining them together had left me stressed and low on energy plus feeling overwhelmed by it all. I was trying to tackle them all at the same time whilst having little energy and ended up unable to do anything.

So thank you Kalie for this wonderful experience, of not just helping me to relax and re-energise but also to see that if I don’t resolve and clear out little issues when they arise then eventually they can build up to be something big that is not only draining and stressful but also overwhelming as I’m not sure what the cause is (as there’s many), and so can’t clearly see how to resolve it or where to start.





From Coco Pops to Cacao – turning veggie

Avocado in a bowl

I used to eat coco pops for breakfast. That still amazes me.

I’ve made a lot of changes to my diet in the last three years, which has inspired a whole new outlook on what I put into my body. It’s interesting to look at the old you, although sometimes, I barely recognise myself.

It all started with a trip to Cape Town in December 2013. I set off with the notion that it would be a life-changing experience; I hadn’t travelled to somewhere so exotic since I was a child. I didn’t know how or why but I’d heard that it was a spiritual place. I think I envisioned myself revelling in the stunning scenery, bonding with nature, enjoying safari trips and making peace with life itself. Unfortunately this was not how my time was due to be spent.

We didn’t go on safari, and I can’t say I remember much in the way of pure relaxation, but I do remember it being a beautiful place. There’s something about Cape Town that made me feel instantly at home, namely the creative expression at local markets where I found myself building a collection of unusual instruments. Of course the universe always had a greater plan for these.

We made the most of the sunshine and swimming pool on arrival, naturally my hula-hoop also made an appearance. But it wasn’t long until I started to feel exhausted, and that was just from going out to breakfast. We would then head back to the house to get changed and venture out again for tea and coffee mid morning, which completely wore me out. It was at this point that I realised, I simply couldn’t cope

I distinctly remember crawling up the stairs and falling onto the bed crying. I had absolutely no energy and it was really getting to me. We had arrived right at the peak of summer so the heat was having a big impact on me, but I used to live in Spain so this shouldn’t have been such a problem.

As my energy levels continued to decrease, and the trip became harder and harder, we decided to seek some help. We searched for the local health shop where I was introduced to Bio-Energetic Stress Testing (BEST). BEST measures electrical conductivity through pressure on acupuncture points on the hands and feet. It tests for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, food and environmental sensitivities. It also tests all the major organs and glands for an overall picture of health, just what I needed at the time.

I yawned my way through the two and a half hour session and was given some startling results. Apparently I had a parasite attacking my liver, I was allergic to sugar (internally) and still suffering the effects of candida from food poisoning. Less shockingly I was intolerant to wheat, gluten and a few other things. I was put on a strict anti- candida diet, ordered to eliminate sugar from my diet and prescribed a course of herbal tablets, all a little overwhelming for someone who was already on the verge of tears.

I panicked. How on earth was I going to give up sugar? I knew it was something I needed to work on, due to becoming rapidly addicted. I had been fighting tiredness with chocolate bars for some time. It helped to overcome the energy dips during office hours, at least temporarily. It was a lot to take in but, nevertheless, it was the first step.

It’s not the kind of news you want to hear whilst on holiday. Particularly when you have to watch everyone else drinking milkshakes and hot chocolates (my favourite holiday treats) the following day. Somehow I stopped ordering treats, and drank mostly alcohol free drinks.

I decided to seek further advice from a couple that ran a local spa. Both vegan and experienced practitioners, I thought perhaps they could shed some light on the diagnosis. During a very long consultation they opened my eyes to a whole new way of being. They heavily encouraged switching to a vegan diet, consuming only organic food and drink, revealed surprising truths about following a traditional balanced diet, and suggested further reading that backed up their belief system.

Once again I left feeling rather overwhelmed, possibly even brainwashed by ‘vegans’, but something inside me clicked and there was a realisation that what they were saying made sense. I decided the best way forward was to take everything on board and decipher the parts that resonated with me. I continued to eat meat during the trip – as stated on the anti candida diet – but did my best to dramatically reduce the sugar intake, and introduce new healthier food options. Flashback to my first shredded carrot and avocado on rice crackers for breakfast, when I thought my life was officially over. And so the journey began.

It wasn’t until I returned to the UK that I made the drastic switch. I was so frustrated with tiredness and depression I just had to get better. I did some more research and started seeking inspiration from Instagram. I completely identified with ‘Deliciously Ella’s story’, of course it made sense to heal yourself through diet, it’s no secret that what you put in is what you get out. Your body is a temple, so I’ve heard.

I can’t remember exactly how it happened, perhaps it was a new year’s resolution, but all at once I gave up wheat, gluten, meat, dairy and sugar. And I actually did it. Once you stop eating sugar you stop craving it, eventually. I can’t quite say the same for the smell of bacon. I did miss meat, but without it you become so adventurous. I started to really enjoy cooking, the creativity and spontaneity of it. I may have also become a little obsessed with taking photos of finished plates – some things will never change. My family didn’t get it, but that’s ok because we all evolve at a different rate.

I succeeded for six months without any slip-ups, and then through no fault of my own, there was an incident with half a chicken kebab and some Haribos. Since that day I’ve not quite managed to be as strict with my diet. Wheat and dairy have made appearances, alongside the occasional stress-induced chocolate splurge. But I have mostly stuck to the routine.

It can be hard to find free-from options when eating out in restaurants and attending parties but you can only do your best. I’ve found that from strictly cutting out so many things, my body is more able to deal with the smaller amounts of ‘bad foods’ now. When you overload on these your body will always suffer, but it can handle the odd supermarket sandwich or sprinkle of cheese on pasta. The key in getting started is to read labels; anything with numerous ingredients should be avoided. Just keep it simple.

Add plenty of super foods and smoothies to your diet. Green juice works wonders for mental and physical energy, but be careful not to replace food with juice. I often have a juice or smoothie in the morning before going out for a walk, then eat breakfast when I get back home.

We must remember to be patient with ourselves and stop comparing to our role models on social media. I’m sure they have slip-ups too, but we only present the best version of ourselves to the external world. Balance the good with the bad. Tomorrow is always a new day.

As I start the New Year phasing out festive foods, I remain committed to this new way of being. As someone who has identified to being somewhere between vegetarian and vegan for three years – I still eat eggs, tuna and honey for now to cope with the Fibromyalgia – I believe it was the best decision I’ve ever made, I only wish I’d done it sooner. Overall my body feels healthier and less bloated, and my mind feels so much more motivated without the constant influence of junk food.

It can be daunting at the start of the journey when researching diets and others’ beliefs, but remember to listen to your body and do what feels right for you. Some people like to give up everything at once, others prefer cutting out one thing at a time. Setting smaller targets may be more sustainable in the long run.

You wouldn’t believe that I used to be infatuated, borderline obsessed with chicken (ask any of my old school friends). But we all make changes in our own time. The first step is recognising that something needs to change, from here on the world is your oyster.

I now understand the reasons behind adopting a meat-free diet. Vegans are not new age hippies trying to brainwash you, nor are they just about saving the animals, eating a plant-based diet is essential for looking after your own health, eliminating illness and feeling the optimum of yourself.  But even more so, it’s important to conquer the ongoing battle with sugar cravings, that little devil on your shoulder forcing you to eat chocolate to get through each day.

So if you’re currently wondering why you signed up to Veganuary, my advice to you is stick at it for a bit longer. With so many meat-free substitutes around, there really is nothing left to miss. And with over half a million people now following a vegan diet in Britain, times really are changing. What have you got to lose?

Brand new relaxation sessions

Meditation and Sound Healing sessions in London

I am very excited to announce my brand new weekly relaxation sessions in Greenwich.

Most of us lead busy lives, rushing from place to place, so the aim of the sessions is to promote the importance of relaxation and demonstrate how good it feels just to take an hour for yourself.

Meditation and Sound Therapy are powerful and transformational tools that we can factor into our daily lives to cope with stress and anxiety. Many people have experienced improved sleep, reduced pain, greater self confidence and overall happiness from incorporating mindful meditation and sound healing treatments into their lives.

If you’ve been thinking about trying meditation in London or attending a sound bath, this could be the ideal opportunity. Don’t miss two free introductory tasters on the 19th and 20th of October! Places are limited so email to reserve yours. Donations welcome to cover running costs.

Meditation & Self Healing: Through the Power of Sound will take place on Wednesday mornings from 10-11am and Thursday evenings 7-8pm at the Deborah Ubee Trust, SE10 8JS. Yoga mats and some blankets provided, feel free to bring an extra comfy pillow/ blanket.