What is your animal trying to tell you?

Animal psychic readings, getting to know your pet

It can be frustrating when you’re sure that there’s something wrong with your pet, but you just can’t work out what it is. How can we bridge the gap between humans and animals? Let me tell you about Animal Communication. 

It’s not quite the same as Dr Doolittle, there aren’t voices talking at me everywhere I go. The communication happens through photographs, usually via a distance reading. By connecting to the pictures you can also connect to the energy of the animal and ask to work together for the highest good. A reading is never guaranteed but we can certainly start out by asking the animal’s permission and create a channel for them to speak.

Believe it or not animals sometimes just need to express themselves. Imagine having no way to speak about a traumatic experience that you’ve been through, no friends or counselling to work through the situation. I find that animal communication readings can be very powerful, they give your pet the opportunity to discuss their feelings and past experiences, it allows them to bring everything to the surface and then let it go.

These kind of readings are therefore very beneficial for rescue cats, dogs and horses. When you re-home an animal you aren’t always aware of their previous history, so it can be useful to find out what has happened to understand and work with some of their behavioural issues. This is the same for animals that are grieving.

What else can I expect from an animal reading?

I often find there are immediate results, from just one animal psychic reading you may see an instant change in your pet for example they could be less anxious and more relaxed around you, more energetic or generally seem happier. This is not always guaranteed and will depend on the animal itself.

Sometimes you may notice improvements over the coming weeks, I generally ask people to look out for any changes and report back on their progress. If your pet is still showing signs of distress it may be worth exploring some animal Reiki to work through more long-term issues, which can be done via distance or in person. If your animal is very nervous it may be better try a distance reiki session, particularly for horses and cats when behaviour can become unpredictable.

If you think an animal communication reading may benefit you and your pet, please do get in touch with any further questions. In the meantime I will leave you with some inspiring words from Heather and her dog, Ivy:

“I met Kalie at the recent Mind, Body and Spirit fayre at the Hop Farm in Kent. Kalie did animal communcation with one of my dogs, Ivy, a troubled little soul rescued off the streets in Spain. Kalie spoke of things that made sense as to why Ivy was like she was and said I should see a difference in her. Ivy is now a much calmer, peaceful dog who wanted to be around us and just seems happier in herself. I would recommend Kalie for animal communication, she has a wonderful presence and ability to reach out to animals”

Animal communication: a new lease of life for Bob

Animal communication pet reading for horses

Animal communication readings are a fantastic way of getting to know what could be troubling your pet. If you’ve noticed some changes in behaviour, having a psychic pet reading could help to reconnect you, allowing your animal to express their emotions and needs in a way that they are usually unable to do. I’ve seen some fantastic results from just one reading, which is why I feel it is important to share some of these success stories. Here’s an outline of Bob’s journey…

Bob is a sensitive soul, I would have thought I was connecting with a human not an animal. He seems to have a lot going on in his mind at this moment in time, I would go as far as saying he has temporarily lost himself.

The first thing that comes to me is a strong feeling of missing someone, a male energy, someone that used to be around the stables regularly. He seems to be quietly morning the loss of a friend, a person that laughed with him and fed him sneaky snacks.

Bob used to be a confident lad. He loved being the centre of attention, lapping up the admiration of on looking eyes at shows. But now he is shy and nervous, something has knocked his confidence. I feel a sense of making a mistake, missing a jump, not wanting to ‘show off’ anymore.

He describes himself as an old man, making me very aware that he is getting older. I think he feels older than he is. He’s going to need lots of love, strokes and patience as you slowly build his confidence back up. It will take time but I feel it will happen.

He’s getting agitated in his stable. Everyone is watching him. Sometimes he just wants to break free and get outside in a big open space, a bit like people that suffer with claustrophobia. If he’s in a single stable I feel he would be best moved to a group stable with other horses and more space. This could get worse in time but giving him lots of attention at the moment will help to calm him down.

He’s like a nosy neighbour, always alert, always watching. His humorous personality is coming out strong now, the real Bob.

He tells me he needs a timeout, a change of scenery. Is it possible to take horses on holiday? He desires being outdoors, he loves nature and the freedom it brings. He would love to go on a long country walk where he feels truly free, I feel he would really benefit from this.

He’s certainly in touch with his feminine side, I feel a pampering session coming on.

I’m starting to get glimpses of his real personality now, the happy fun side. He does want to be happy, he has just lost his way recently.

I feel him smiling again, now that he has expressed himself. Like he’s finally breaking free, opening up and coming alive. He wants to be listened to and I feel that now he has you will see some improvements in his behaviour. He has kept things inside for too long, hopefully now these have been released.

Overall I feel that it’s important for you both to take time out together to bond and reconnect with each other before trying any more shows. He is definitely a special soul. With lots of patience and TLC he could come a long way.

“Thank you Kalie for communicating with my horse Bob. You managed to pick up on the dual personality he seems to be suffering with at the moment. He already appears to be calmer and with your help and lots of love I feel he will get through this uneasy time we are experiencing. Thank you again and we are looking forward to the future Xx”   Bev

Following the initial reading and testimonial from his owner Bev, I received amazing news reporting that Bob had indeed made incredible progress. I will leave you with these beautiful inspiring words:

“Yesterday I woke up and felt different, like a change had happened somehow! Got to the stables and Bob felt much more relaxed. We went on a short hack with friends and he was almost his old self! I’m also feeling a connection with him again that we had temporarily lost. I’m feeling so much happier and think he is too. Thank you so much for your help, I do believe it has helped us both xx”  Bev