Crystal healing

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Image: Carol Mac Photography

“My experience of Crystal healing with Kalie was both relaxing and informative. Kalie was intuitive at what she felt from me, what chakra could be blocked and what I may need to work on. I would highly recommend this treatment”. Jane

When it comes to crystals, there is so much to learn. We may never compile a complete list of these beautiful gems in our lifetime, as more and more crystals are discovered around the world.

I thoroughly enjoyed studying this form of healing. I remember being surprised at how relaxing a crystal healing treatment could be. As with other complimentary therapies, there is a certain level of inutitiveness involved when selecting crystals for a client and identifying blocked chakras. If you’re looking for something different then perhaps crystal  healing is for you.

A typical treatment involves laying on a massage table, receiving energy and having crystals placed along your chakras whilst a practitioner uses different techniques to check which chakras are out of balance, more specially selected crystals and energy will then be placed in those areas. Chakras will then be checked for a second time before the session is over.