My story

Some people have a strong sense of purpose, others don’t. Some know exactly what they want to be when they grow up, others don’t. Some of us are lucky enough to stumble upon spirituality early on in life, others discover it when it’s almost too late. I am fortunate to have walked this path from a young age and it is my duty to share the knowledge I have acquired on my journey so far…

From darkness, comes light.

We must all face challenges in life otherwise, what would be the point? I am sure that as you are reading this now you can think back to a really difficult time in your life. A time when you felt so alone that you almost wanted life to end? A time when you felt so confused that you didn’t know which way to turn? The good news is, you are not alone – we’ve all been there.

I’ve experienced various waves of darkness during my 30 years. There was a time when I felt so depressed, I lost all my confidence along with my hope for the future. Not to mention the time my godmother passed away suddenly and I discovered the harsh reality of loss. We’ve all been through it, so why do we feel as if we’re the only one that has?

The turning point for me was learning Reiki healing and discovering a spiritual outlook on life. I’m not saying that I haven’t suffered from depression and anxiety since but I have learnt valuable tools and gained a deeper understanding of life itself, which I now use to help others. We are powerful beings and yet we spend most of our time feeling powerless.

It is time to wake up, time to realise that you are more in control of your destiny than you think. The possibilities are endless, with a little bit of positive thinking on your side.

As a qualified Reiki Master, meditation teacher, crystal healing and sound healing practitioner, I feel blessed to be able to help and inspire people on their journey. I thoroughly enjoy giving psychic readings and treatments and take pleasure in seeing others developing their own intuition and fulfillment during my workshops.

We are all here to learn from each other. If there is one lesson in life it’s to be grateful. From gratitude comes abundance. From positivity comes happiness.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to last year’s crowdfunding campaign, your donations enabled me to purchase some additional equipment and set aside time to provide a number of free sound baths in 2018.

Since the campaign I have received a number of enquires from people that would still like to contribute in some way. Please note that this is an ongoing process to raise awareness of Fibromyalgia, the benefits of Sound Therapy and to provide help to those suffering from anxiety and depression. My instruments and equipment are very costly so any financial donations are greatly appreciated.

I have now established a regular sound bath for Mind in Bexley users and would be very keen to collaborate with other charities and community groups. Please do get in touch if you feel that we could work together on short-term/long-term projects. If you would like to make a financial contribution this can be arranged via PayPal. Thank you so much for your support.