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Image: Carol Mac Photography

“I just cannot thank you enough, you’ve made me feel like a new person. I believe you have healing hands – so keep up the good work!” Jax 

“Thank you so much for the reiki healing treatment, it was such a wonderful experience, I really enjoyed it.” Mich 

Reiki is a holistic treatment that uses the transfer of energy from practitioner to patient to enhance the body’s natural healing ability. It is a powerful therapy that identifies blockages and heals the root cause of physical, mental and emotional pain.

Essentially the word reiki means universal energy, also known as life force. When this energy becomes blocked we may start to feel unwell or stuck, as a practitioner we aim to release negative blockages so that a person can begin to move forward.

During a reiki treatment the therapist will be working with energy centres in the body known as chakras, this can be done by laying hands on or just above each area. It is a perfectly natural process and can be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment.

Whilst living abroad in Spain I discovered this beautiful therapy, here I qualified as a Reiki level I and II practitioner. Seven years later  I am a Reiki Master and continuously developing my knowledge of working with this beautiful energy. I would encourage everyone to experience a Reiki healing session at least once.