Sound healing

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Image: Carol Mac Photography

“I felt super relaxed at the end of the Sound Healing session. It felt as if I could see the sound waves covering my body and every time I had a thought coming to mind I was able to brush it off…” Anita

“Overall I found the sound healing experience enlightening, and it has had a sustained impact on my life…I know I need to continue this!” Naomi

“Without this treatment I certainly would not have been in a place where my pain had been lessened enough to reduce my medication. This truly has been a life changing process and I cannot express enough just how thankful for it I am.” Andrea

“It felt as if you were completely taking care of us.” Claudia

I would describe sound healing as a very magical, powerful tool that establishes a deep connection and heals on so many levels, if a person is willing. I would describe it as pure escapism and ultimate relaxation, a special therapy that I feel blessed to have discovered and trained in.

I offer one-to-one treatments and group sound baths. Each session is tailored to your own specific needs, something we will discuss prior to any treatment.

I work with drums, singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, crystal bowls, and rain sticks.