When I met you for the first time you left an unexpected lasting impression on me. Not just your readings (I’ve had two now) but the spiritual, kind & giving person that you are. I was astounded that you could see through my exteria though you’d never met me.

You were spot on when you talked about my past & present which amazed me & this was so refreshing to be understood. You described my personality, my feelings, what had happened to me & how this had affected me. You gave me hope by pointing out the positives to look forward to & what to do to get there, which I can now see within reach. I always believe that those with hope fair better than those who give in. The laws of attraction support this too.

In the first reading, (without revealing my private life) you gave me a message that revealed a cycle of thought & behaviour that I was following in my life. This only became apparent to me some time after the reading; an overwhelming insight that has far-reaching effects on myself & others in my life. It was a significant & painful turning point & I am so grateful to you. This message was definitely for me & helped me to clear my way & bring harmony. After this realisation I couldn’t wait to have the next reading!

In my second reading with angel cards & tarot I was pleasantly reassured; I expected the truth to be divulged again but each of the angel cards were so accurate in making complete sense for me at that point in time! It was astounding really but I didn’t expect any less. The tarot cards also resonated my thoughts/feelings & as for the future, I’m yet to discover as the reading was just a few days ago. I heard what I needed to hear& always leave you with more hope & happiness. I am in a much better space now emotionally & spiritually. That’s what it’s all about after all.

Thank you so much Kalie. You are amazing & lovely 🙂
I have total confidence in you and I do and will continue to recommend you to others.

God bless you.