Lee Begbie Age 18

I found Kalie to be a very warm and gentle person, she made me feel at ease very quickly.

My reading was spot on, Kalie had me down to a tee, she also spoke to spirit and came through with my great nan and best friend who recently passed, which was very helpful to me.

Since the reading without realising it my chosen career path has vastly improved, give her a try she is very good at what she does and such a lovely person with reasonable prices.

Raynor Begbie

I sat in with my son on his first ever reading. His reading was exceptionally good along with the tarot cards. Whilst sitting someone came through for me with a cryptic message which all came to light a few weeks later.

I will be booking my own personal reading very soon. Kalie has a lovely personality and I highly recommend her.

Lee And Raynor