Kalie gave me a reading last summer, I believe I was her first real client! I was very pleased with her reading of the tarot cards. She gave me alot of information regarding my grandparents and dates relating to my mother, which, have since come true.

I was very impressed with the things she told me when she held my dad´s wedding ring. There was one instant when Kalie told me she could see a piece of fruit falling down the stairs and my dad laughing. Every Christmas dad would fill our xmas stockings with small gifts and satsumas to put at the end of the bed. One year he dropped them as he was going up the stairs and he laughed. All my family remember this but no one else would have known about this bit of family history.

There were other things that Kalie told me that no one else would have known about. I will look forward to having another reading when Kalie pops over to Spain as it has been nearly a year since the last reading and so much has happened since then. And I hear she is doing very well!

Lynne xxx

Lynne – Reading 1, Spain