It’s always nice to hear feedback from clients. Thank you for your kind words, it was a pleasure to meet you all ♡

Kalie is an amazing Medium. She has great energy and is a lovely genuine person. The reading was spot on and touched upon three areas of my life that really resonated with me. Kalie used a mixture of cards including Tarot and Angel. She’s really engaging and intuitive. I highly recommend that you visit her if you’d like any guidance. A lot of what came up in the reading has since come to fruition. Thanks Kalie xxx

Zoe L

Hi Kalie,

Something you said to me which seems to play over and over again in my mind is and I Quote ‘ You have many channels that allow you to take on board other peoples happenings in life, But you don’t have a channel to let it all go! So you keep it all in………You need to release this and give yourself more time’.

I have just finished a book called Buddhist boot camp (Thanks Gill)
 And I related to almost but not everything this book was saying. It was this inner calm I needed to touch upon. And learning to love myself again.

I have been on a bit of a rollacoaster ride for the last several years of my life and all of a sudden its come to a stand still…………I feel i need to now jump over to a new chapter. To do this I have listened to my head and my heart and I have made some tough decisions……….tough only on myself but hopefully with a peaceful happiness I hope to gain at the end of it. ( I have no time limit by the way) So my lovely lady the day I came to see you was the day you helped change my life. You were and I hope will continue to be an inspirational influence in my life.

Thankyou so much and never stop believing or ever give up.

Trish (Del Mar 2014) A day I will never forget..

Trish P – L Fest Del Mar, Spain

You made me feel comfortable and at ease…you mentioned learning which is an ongoing thing and I plan more…work and pleasure side things are looking better and am making plans for the future…would definitely come see you again…thank you x

Karen Pullen – L Fest Del Mar, Spain

My psychic reading was fantastic, totally spot on. Kalie was sensitive and inspiring and I got so much out of my reading. Would definitely recommend her! x


Shaunni  − L Fest Del Mar, Spain

I had my reading done with Kalie over a year ago. The reading itself was very relaxing and positive. I personally never believed in things like this before as I always thought how could anyone know my future? But this all changed after Kalie’s reading to me.

When Kalie gave me the reading it made me double think about my future. So I took her advice and started to feel much more positive and started to look at things in a positive frame of mind. Thankfully I did listen to her advice, as I might not have been where I am now!

I am truly impressed with things Kalie said to me as they have started to come true a year later. Words cannot describe how I am just so overwhelmed that someone could possible change your life and the way you look at it. How could someone who has never met me before know my past or my future? But Kalie did.

I find Kalie very friendly and cheerful and I am looking forward to another reading from her.



Hola Otra vez Kalie

Thank you again for the skype session-it was Great-so encouraging and very accurate, you even picked up on the Integrated Breathing sessions that I am doing twice per day as part of The Presence Process, a book and a process for emotional healing and a way to connect to our Real Presence through Present Moment Awareness, by Michael Brown. Your reading was very inspiring and motivating for me,I feel now that I am in a much better place than I was prior to the session, stronger, more open to other people, more willing to take risks.

The words “thank You” seem totally inadequate really, I wish I could say something that does you justice. You are extremely gifted and the session felt very special indeed. Thank you also for the little”follow-up chat”we had yesterday evening-I felt really low and you came through at exactly the right moment and I felt supported and cared for.
I will be recommending you to my friends and family.

Lots of Love and Appreciation of You Kalie.
Melodie (Green)

Melodie, Spain

Dear K, just wanted to thank you for your kind and patient reading. You proof that you really are concerned about helping people. You are truly gifted and compassionate. Thank you very much! God bless you. Maria

Maria, Dubai

I had a lovely reading with Kalie, where she put me quickly at ease. The first part of the reading she pretty much described me down to a tee, which was uncanny. Highlighting aspects of my persona and personality which rang so true or which I usually felt quite unperceived by others.

During the course of the reading more and more about things that had happened in the past came to light, things which I have perhaps not addressed and which happened a long time ago. But throughout it was a most cathartic process and absolutely helped me clear the path to what has been so far a great year of personal development growth and reconciliation. So thank you Kalie, it is hard to define the greater peace you brought, but I found it a truly wonderful experience and you definitely have a great gift.

I hope some of the wonderful things that we discussed come to pass….i am working flat out on it…. and i will definitely be back for another reading in the future. I highly recommend the experience and the following feeling after these readings.

All the best
Martie 🙂



When I met you for the first time you left an unexpected lasting impression on me. Not just your readings (I’ve had two now) but the spiritual, kind & giving person that you are. I was astounded that you could see through my exteria though you’d never met me.

You were spot on when you talked about my past & present which amazed me & this was so refreshing to be understood. You described my personality, my feelings, what had happened to me & how this had affected me. You gave me hope by pointing out the positives to look forward to & what to do to get there, which I can now see within reach. I always believe that those with hope fair better than those who give in. The laws of attraction support this too.

In the first reading, (without revealing my private life) you gave me a message that revealed a cycle of thought & behaviour that I was following in my life. This only became apparent to me some time after the reading; an overwhelming insight that has far-reaching effects on myself & others in my life. It was a significant & painful turning point & I am so grateful to you. This message was definitely for me & helped me to clear my way & bring harmony. After this realisation I couldn’t wait to have the next reading!

In my second reading with angel cards & tarot I was pleasantly reassured; I expected the truth to be divulged again but each of the angel cards were so accurate in making complete sense for me at that point in time! It was astounding really but I didn’t expect any less. The tarot cards also resonated my thoughts/feelings & as for the future, I’m yet to discover as the reading was just a few days ago. I heard what I needed to hear& always leave you with more hope & happiness. I am in a much better space now emotionally & spiritually. That’s what it’s all about after all.

Thank you so much Kalie. You are amazing & lovely 🙂
I have total confidence in you and I do and will continue to recommend you to others.

God bless you.


I went to Kalie for a reading recently, not because I needed any guidance but more through curiosity. Everything she told me from the cards was exactly right for that moment, she knew how I had been feeling about certain elements of my life and actually provided me with some reassurance even though I didn’t think I needed it.

The spiritual reading was absolutely amazing! Although I have always wanted to believe in this, until you have experienced it for yourself there will always been a certain amount of doubt. Saying that, I have always wanted messages from a loved one who passed 8 years ago and It couldn’t have been any better.

There were so many things Kalie said which couldn’t have been made up and I can’t begin to explain how amazing it felt. I will always remember that moment and I can’t be more grateful to her for giving it to me x

Caroline R