It’s always nice to hear feedback from clients. Thank you for your kind words, it was a pleasure to meet you all ♡

Having never been to see a psychic/tarot reader/clairvoyant/medium before I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect during my reading, but Kalie made me feel really welcome and comfortable in her home.

She used both Angel cards and Tarot cards during my reading. I found what she said to be probably 90% spot on, some of the things that came up may not have been relevant at the time, but may well come to be so in the future… She gave me plenty to think about and I’ve been using something that one of the angel cards said ever since as guidance, which I have found to be a real help up to now and will probably continue to do so.

I’d really recommend anyone who is interested in getting a reading to go and see Kalie, she’s a lovely girl who is obviously very passionate about what she does and it really comes through when you meet her. It was an eye-opening experience and one that I won’t be forgetting for quite some time. xx

Katy G

Kalie is just so lovely! She made me feel totally at ease as soon as I arrived and her surroundings were very peaceful and relaxing.

My Angel cards were very amazing. Kalie picked up on things straight away, what she told me about things and people in my life at that moment were spot on. We went through the three cards and could relate to everything that we spoke about.

My psychic & tarot reading was again spot on…It pointed out a lot of things that were going on, down to the specifics of me filling in forms (which I had done the previous day) and spoke about my future plans. Everything we spoke about was so true to me, it was quite scary. Kalie even knew what chocolate bar I had eaten the day before!!

At the end of the reading we had some time for mediumship. I was so happy with what Kalie came through with, very touching. I was glad to receive some answers.

I cannot recommend Kalie highly enough, book a reading with her- definitely worth it.
I will be back with an update, let’s hope my future predictions come true 🙂

Thanks Kalie xx


Thank you so much for a wonderful session the other day! I left feeling so much lighter and humbled from our time together.

As soon as I walked into your space I felt an instant sense of healing and happiness. You tapped into some truly resonant aspects of my life (with such accuracy!) and I felt my own intuition awaken in your presence. I am encouraged and inspired! I loved your use of both the angel and tarot cards and your generosity of spirit really moved me.

Thank you so much again!


Brilliant stuff!

Before when I heard about readings I would laugh and not even give it a second thought, I have a need to explain everything that is said or done… until I had a reading by Kalie!

You most definitely amazed me many times during the reading. You mentioned things that had happened in my life – I didn’t even realise the impact they had had on me until you brought them up.

I’m really glad I gave you a chance to do it and happy you proved me wrong.
Thank you so much Kalie


I recently had a reading at Kalie’s home. I found her extremely welcoming and she made the whole experience very relaxing. I was at a cross road in my life and needed some guidance. The reading was very relevant. She was very accurate and her advice was very welcomed.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Kalie to anyone looking to get a reading done. She is not only very professional but all very approachable and knowledgeable. She made me feel very comfortable and her advice and guidance very helpful.

Chris B

I had my reading with Kalie a few days ago and it was amazing. Everything was spot on! She spoke about things that happened in the past and things that are happening now, and everything she said was true!

I found Kalie to be very friendly and cheerful and the whole experience enjoyable and interesting. I would love to do it again soon!

Thank you Kalie xx


Wow….! Amazing reading!!! A family member came through straight away which was very comforting.

Looking forward to seeing what my future holds following the reading, definitely seeing Kalie again in 6 months time.

Looking forward to it already!

Thanks again Kalie

Laura xx


I met Kalie recently and had the pleasure of having a reading with her. This was done in her home and it was a lovely calming environment to be in. I felt very relaxed during the reading and comfortable to ask the questions that I wanted. The reading revealed a lot of things that are pertinent to my life at the moment.

Overall the reading was very enjoyable and I can’t wait for the next one. I would definitely recommend Kalie to friends xx


Kalie did my reading a year ago and I was impressed with what she told me then, but this time when she did a reading for me, Kalie was so accurate and again she told me things that nobody else would have known.

When she finished the Tarot reading she then focused on the spiritual side and she had my mum and dad spirits with her. What she told me about them was incredible because there were things from childhood that there is no way that she could or would have known about.

Kalie didn’t say things she thought you wanted to hear, she told you things that came from within her and that is what made it so amazing for me. It gave me comfort to know that mum and dad were happy together again. I will look forward to next year’s reading. Thank you Kalie xx

Lynne – Reading 2, Spain

Kalie gave me a reading last summer, I believe I was her first real client! I was very pleased with her reading of the tarot cards. She gave me alot of information regarding my grandparents and dates relating to my mother, which, have since come true.

I was very impressed with the things she told me when she held my dad´s wedding ring. There was one instant when Kalie told me she could see a piece of fruit falling down the stairs and my dad laughing. Every Christmas dad would fill our xmas stockings with small gifts and satsumas to put at the end of the bed. One year he dropped them as he was going up the stairs and he laughed. All my family remember this but no one else would have known about this bit of family history.

There were other things that Kalie told me that no one else would have known about. I will look forward to having another reading when Kalie pops over to Spain as it has been nearly a year since the last reading and so much has happened since then. And I hear she is doing very well!

Lynne xxx

Lynne – Reading 1, Spain