It’s always nice to hear feedback from clients. Thank you for your kind words, it was a pleasure to meet you all ♡

When I came for my reading I was feeling very depressed about my current situation. I found Kalie to be a very positive and cheerful person who soon made me feel at ease, a very happy go lucky girl. She made me feel uplifted and hopeful about the future. She definitely lifted the depression I was feeling.

I very much enjoyed my reading. Kalie described my family members in spirit exactly as they were in life. She gave me valid memories of my parents, things that she could not have known. The Tarot reading was very interesting and accurate. Kalie described just how I was feeling and the things that have been going on around me. Since the reading I have taken her advice and am feeling so much better about life.

Thank you.


Today’s reading was a pleasant experience, very calming and helpful for me.

Relevant family members came through, which was very comforting and I could definitely relate to their messages and memory links.

The Tarot reading was my first and a very enjoyable experience altogether.

Thank you,


Lee Begbie Age 18

I found Kalie to be a very warm and gentle person, she made me feel at ease very quickly.

My reading was spot on, Kalie had me down to a tee, she also spoke to spirit and came through with my great nan and best friend who recently passed, which was very helpful to me.

Since the reading without realising it my chosen career path has vastly improved, give her a try she is very good at what she does and such a lovely person with reasonable prices.

Raynor Begbie

I sat in with my son on his first ever reading. His reading was exceptionally good along with the tarot cards. Whilst sitting someone came through for me with a cryptic message which all came to light a few weeks later.

I will be booking my own personal reading very soon. Kalie has a lovely personality and I highly recommend her.

Lee And Raynor

Thank you Kalie for my second reading recently. Again you said some amazing things that no one else could possibly have known.

The new cards you used were interesting and told me things I have always felt.

It’s funny, when you arrived you didn’t think things had altered since you saw me six months ago but once you began reading the tarot cards you realised a lot had happened, that I had completely changed.

You told me about what I had been doing since my last reading and how I had been feeling, things from my past, present and future. It will be interesting to see if these things happen.

When you connected with spirit you contacted someone very close to me and described him perfectly. All the things you said about the relationship we had was spot on, no one but myself and the person you contacted knew these things, which is another testimony to how good you are Kalie.

Thank you so much



Kate Reading 2

Thank you Kalie for a lovely reading. I have had readings before but not with Tarot or Angel Cards and I was amazed at what you told me.

The Tarot was so spot on it was eerie, I had goosebumps, everything you said was right – it was as though you actually knew the person you were talking about!!

The Angel Cards were fascinating relating to past, present and future. I could relate to what the past card stated and thought I knew what the present meant but since then new events, which I hoped for but never thought would happen, have made me re-think this one.

The reading you gave mentioned people I was close to and not so close to, again you were right on target. You said things that I knew but had put to the back of my mind, you brought them forward and I couldn’t believe how accurate you were.

I would not hesitate to recommend you and will be back soon for another reading.

Once again Kalie, thank you.

Kate x

Kate Reading 1