Kalie is just so lovely! She made me feel totally at ease as soon as I arrived and her surroundings were very peaceful and relaxing.

My Angel cards were very amazing. Kalie picked up on things straight away, what she told me about things and people in my life at that moment were spot on. We went through the three cards and could relate to everything that we spoke about.

My psychic & tarot reading was again spot on…It pointed out a lot of things that were going on, down to the specifics of me filling in forms (which I had done the previous day) and spoke about my future plans. Everything we spoke about was so true to me, it was quite scary. Kalie even knew what chocolate bar I had eaten the day before!!

At the end of the reading we had some time for mediumship. I was so happy with what Kalie came through with, very touching. I was glad to receive some answers.

I cannot recommend Kalie highly enough, book a reading with her- definitely worth it.
I will be back with an update, let’s hope my future predictions come true 🙂

Thanks Kalie xx