I had my reading done with Kalie over a year ago. The reading itself was very relaxing and positive. I personally never believed in things like this before as I always thought how could anyone know my future? But this all changed after Kalie’s reading to me.

When Kalie gave me the reading it made me double think about my future. So I took her advice and started to feel much more positive and started to look at things in a positive frame of mind. Thankfully I did listen to her advice, as I might not have been where I am now!

I am truly impressed with things Kalie said to me as they have started to come true a year later. Words cannot describe how I am just so overwhelmed that someone could possible change your life and the way you look at it. How could someone who has never met me before know my past or my future? But Kalie did.

I find Kalie very friendly and cheerful and I am looking forward to another reading from her.