Hi Kalie,

Something you said to me which seems to play over and over again in my mind is and I Quote ‘ You have many channels that allow you to take on board other peoples happenings in life, But you don’t have a channel to let it all go! So you keep it all in………You need to release this and give yourself more time’.

I have just finished a book called Buddhist boot camp (Thanks Gill)
 And I related to almost but not everything this book was saying. It was this inner calm I needed to touch upon. And learning to love myself again.

I have been on a bit of a rollacoaster ride for the last several years of my life and all of a sudden its come to a stand still…………I feel i need to now jump over to a new chapter. To do this I have listened to my head and my heart and I have made some tough decisions……….tough only on myself but hopefully with a peaceful happiness I hope to gain at the end of it. ( I have no time limit by the way) So my lovely lady the day I came to see you was the day you helped change my life. You were and I hope will continue to be an inspirational influence in my life.

Thankyou so much and never stop believing or ever give up.

Trish (Del Mar 2014) A day I will never forget..

Trish P – L Fest Del Mar, Spain